Delighted by doilies

13 Dec

It’s very quiet in the country once the baby goes to sleep. I have started to channel my grandmother and my great grandmother … and, well Daisy by constructing crafty creations at night. To my surprise hand-stitching is a rather soothing and satisfying pastime.  I am pleased that craft has become more fashionable these days.

Ok, so I am not that talented organism that crocheted these doilies … I just stitch them on to things. Their creator is an extremely humble and shy woman named Dorothy. I met Dorothy at a church fair in the Horowhenua.  She told me how she has always struggled to sell them and now has had enough. Sadly she will never make another doily again.

I would like to start selling these cushions on my felt account. The only problem is I fall in love with each and every one. The thought of never seeing that cushion again upsets me. Pathetic I know.

Ok, channeling grandma again … bring on the second-hand cut crystal glasses and a tipple of sherry.  Oh how glamorous and grandma kitsch am I.

If you are a doily lover too check out this blog for a lovely Lace lamp/Doily Lamp – DIY. You can make one with your kids!


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